President unit:
  • Academy of Internet Finance, Z

    Academy of Internet Finance (AIF), Zhejiang University is based in one of China's fastest growing regions in terms of Internet finance - Zhejiang province. AIF is home to a wide range of highly innovative Internet companies, financial institutions and Internet finance companies.

    AIF upholds a “comprehensive and open” concept, and leverages Zhejiang University's academic strengths with the unparalleled market experience and data of Internet businesses, as well as the province's geographical advantages. AIF provides a system of Internet finance research platforms which is rooted in the University and the province of Zhejiang, and which pursues “four-dimensional” (governmental, industrial, academic and research) objectives at national and global levels.

    AIF regularly organizes Internet finance-related forums, publishes authoritative industry reports, and acts as an accelerator for the transformation of theory into results on its research themes of Internet finance, financial innovation, new finance regulation, system design, Big Data processing, Cloud platform development, risk assessment and monitoring. It aims to become a think tank providing government and business with cutting edge insights and a world-class center for training next generation Internet finance talents.

    AIF brings together the research strengths of the University's Economics, Guanghua Law, Management, Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science and Technology Schools, as well as domestic and international research experts and scholars in the financial sector, and industry business resources, to achieve broad-based development of a dedicated discipline system.

    The AIF at Zhejiang University has established a number of research hubs which focus on Internet finance from a variety of perspectives, and promote inter-disciplinary studies, including its Research Center for Internet Finance & Development , Research Center for Internet Finance Law, Research Center for Internet and Financial Innovation, Research Center for E-commerce and Mathematical Finance, and Research Center for Internet Finance Technology.

  • Zhejiang Ant Financial Service

    Zhejiang Ant Financial Services Group Co., Ltd. originated from Alipay, established in 2004.Ant Financial was formally established in October 2014.With its vision of "bringing small and beautiful changes to the world," Ant Financial is dedicated to creating an open ecosystem, enabling financial institutions and partners to make rapid progress towards "Internet+" goals through its "Internet Booster Plan," and providing inclusive financial services to small and micro enterprises and individual consumers.

    Ant Financial Group and associated businesses include lifestyle services platform Alipay, smart financial management platform Ant Fortune, Cloud computing services platform Ant Financial Cloud, independent third-party credit evaluation system Zhima Credit and online commercial banking.Ant Financial's invested companies and affiliates also work closely with these business units and support Ant Financial's commercial ecosystem.

  • China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd.

    China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CZBank”) is one of the 12 national joint-stock commercial banks approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission (“CBRC”). Headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CZBank is the only national joint-stock commercial bank headquartered in Zhejiang province. Our predecessor, “Zhejiang Commercial Bank”, was a sino-foreign banking joint venture established in Ningbo, Zhejiang in 1993. Upon approval of the CBRC on June 30, 2004, Zhejiang Commercial Bank was reorganized, renamed, relocated and converted into the existing CZBank which commenced its business officially on August 18, 2004. As of the end of 2016, CZBank had established 170 outlets in 13 provincial level divisions or municipalities including Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hubei, Guangdong, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu and in all provincial cities of Zhejiang Province, effectively covering the Yangtze River Delta Area, the Bohai Rim Area, the Pearl River Delta Area and certain areas in the Central and Western China. At the same time, it was arranging the establishment of its Hong Kong branch proactively in order to accelerate the increase of its international presence.


    In virtue of the flexible market mechanism, strategic nationwide coverage as well as efficient operation and management, CZBank has developed into a quality commercial bank with solid foundation, excellent benefits, rapid growth and excellent risk control since its reorganization in 2004. CZBank ranked the 158th and 117th among the “Top 1000 World Banks 2016” by The Banker in terms of tier 1 capital and total assets respectively. It was granted the highest AAA corporate credit rating in rating of financial institution by CCXI. It was also awarded “The Bank with the Best Corporate Liquidity Services”, “The Investment Bank Most Respected by Investors”, “Best Bank Wealth Management Brand”, “Award for Internet Finance Innovation”, “The Most Reliable Financial Institution—Joint-stock Commercial Bank chosen by Zhejiang Merchants” and “Award of Best CSR Practice Case Study” by various renowned institutions and authorities.

Vice president:
  • Hangzhou Enniu Network Technol

    Hangzhou Enniu Network Technology Co., Ltd., better known as, is a leader in China's credit card financial ecology, with businesses covering four major sectors - debt management, micro-credit, instalment payments, and financial management - and has established a comprehensive financial services group forming a closed industry group.

    Its three core Apps, the Manager smart billing management platform, the 51RP Internet loan information services platform and the Geinihua cash instalment loan services platform have constructed a financial services group comprising a closed industry loop with 80 million high-quality users.

    Based on vast volumes of real user data, independently researched and developed its 51 Big Data Smart Risk Management System, and also uses “man-machine” risk management has already inked a deposit management agreement with Jiangxi Bank, thus effectively achieving the separation of users' deposits from their platforms.Currently, the company has already completed C and C+ rounds of financing, raising close to USD 400 million, with a valuation in excess of USD 1 billion, making it a financial technology "unicorn".The company has been ranked in KPMG's China Leading Fintech 50, the Forbes China Internet Finance 50 and the Hurun New Finance 50, and is a founding member of the National Internet Finance Association of China. It also holds the position of Deputy Chairman in the Hangzhou Internet Financing Industry Association.

    In May 2012, the company pioneered a key smart billing management app, Manager, which now has 80 million users, managing more than 30% of China's active credit card billing, and making it the country's largest mobile Internet platform in terms of credit card billing management.

    In January 2015, it introduced the innovative 51RP financial services platform.

    By applying innovative data mining to, and use of, financial “small data”, it has successfully developed Big Data risk management models incorporating multi-dimensional cross validation, achieving online user risk pricing.

    In January 2016, the strategic acquisition of college student consumer instalment business pioneer increased its presence in the consumer finance business.

    In June, received a comprehensive upgrade to become, switching its main business from digital product instalment loans to microcredit consumer cash instalment loans.

    In September to October 2016, the company completed a C series round of financing of close to USD 400 million, with investors including Tiantu Capital, A-share listed Xinhu Zhongbao, Harvest Global Investment and Intime Group.This financing set a new record for the industry, and has now become a unicorn company with a valuation in excess of USD 1 billion.

  • Hangzhou Wacai Internet Financ

    Hangzhou Wacai Internet Financial Services Co., Ltd., better known as Wacai, was established in 2009, and it is China's first mobile phone terminal personal accounting platform.The company is registered in Hangzhou, with offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and currently employs more than 700 people.

    Wacai has positioned itself as the "People's assets butler", focusing on involving population segments traditionally less involved in financial services, applying its role as a "inclusive finance" practitioner to establish a relatively wealthy customer base and credit reputation. By end-2015, Wacai apps had been downloaded more than 130 million times, with users distributed across Chinese communities in provinces nationwide as well is in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and further afield.From accounting to financial management, from technology to finance, from a small customer base to the broader population, the company has already developed into a unique Internet finance enterprise, whose development path, operating models and product innovation are unparalleled in the industry, and are already having a significant impact on the sector.

    Since its establishment, Wacai has had the Internet in its blood, and its outstanding innovative capabilities have led to a number of "domestic firsts" in the field of mobile accounting. The company has received a variety of awards, including the 2014 China Prize for Internet Finance Innovation, the Best Internet Finance Prize, the 2014 Internet Finance Product Prize, the China Top 100 Internet Finance Leading Brands, the 2015 China Internet Finance Leadership Summit's Innovative Product and Application Prize and the 2015 Best Internet Financial Institution.

    Wacai is founding member of National Internet Finance Association of China, Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance, and executive president of Hangzhou Internet Financing Industry Association.

    Wacai received an angel capital of CNY 10 million in 2011, received a venture capital of USD 13 million from IDG Capital and CDH Investments; received an investment of USD 65 million from Qiming Venture, CICC and CBC in 2014 and an investment of USD 80 million in 2015 from New Horizon, Ally Bridge and GX Capital, total amount of financing counting to USD 150 million.

  • Lianlian Yintong Electronic Pa

    Founded in 2003, Lianlian Yintong Electronic Payment Co., Ltd. (Lianlian Pay)is the fourth largest third party payment service provider in China, with a registered capital of RMB325 million. Lianlian cross-border payment now supports settlement of 19 currencies and enjoys direct connection and comprehensive service from all the major domestic banks. In 2015, Lianlian Pay became one of the first partners of China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area (the first national-level cross-border e-commerce pilot zone approved by China's State Council).

    Fast-growing, innovation-oriented and highly-adaptive, Lianlian Pay, as one of the top mobile payment companies in China, has been priding itself in focusing on and excelling at providing total payment solution in the form of CUP cards mobile payment, cross-border payment and settlement, RMB and foreign currency disbursement, and international remittance services etc. for tens of millions of individual customers and thousands of merchants and partners.

    With a strong track record in customizing products and services, Lianlian Pay is dedicated and well-positioned to establishing a global network with payment and fund transfer capabilities by leveraging the expanding Chinese economy and increasing acceptance of RMB. Where there is Lianlian Pay, there is simple, inexpensive, fast, and secure payment and clearing services for merchants and consumers around the world.

  • Weidai (Hangzhou)Financial Inf

    Weidai (Hangzhou)Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Weidai) is a Hangzhou-based online marketplace lending platform which went online on July 8th, 2011. It is the first marketplace lending platform in Zhejiang province, and the first platform committed to auto loans in China. As of February 27th, 2017, Weidai has funded ¥81.779 billion loans, provided services to 415,394 borrowers, and earned ¥1.530 billion returns to 2,027,294 investors. Weidai currently has 366 stores throughout China, covering 28 provinces and municipalities, with employees increasing to over 10,000 from the early 10 odd ones.

    As a powerful online marketplace platform, Weidai is on the lists and among top 10 of third party professional rating agencies such as and P2P In May 2016, Weidai closed a CNY1Billion Series C deal.

  • Zheshang Securities Holding Co

    Zheshang Securities is a significant wealth management institution in the area south of the Yangtze River Delta, and is wholly-owned by Zheshang Futures Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zheshang Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Zheshang Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd. It has mainly been involved in the initial setup of Zheshang Fund Management Co., Ltd., thus forming a “securities + futures + funds + investment management + venture capital” structured financial business, providing customers with comprehensive, multilevel and broad ranging integrated investment and financing services and products. The company's main business areas include securities brokerage, investment banking, asset management, financial consulting, investment consulting, securities trading, futures business, direct investment, margin trading, inter alia. Of these, the company's asset management, investment banking, securities brokerage and futures brokerage businesses are at the forefront of the industry.

Council Members
  • Hangzhou Longying Internet Fin

    Hangzhou Longying Internet Financial Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2013, with multi-million US dollar investments from well-known Chinese angel investor Wang Gang and internationally renowned venture capital company GGV, and was a relatively early entrant into the Chinese mobile Internet financial information technology services market. It is also an innovative start-up company, the first in Zhejiang Province to receive Internet financial services registration, and it is also the first Internet financial information technology company in the province whose platform transaction funds are entirely overseen by Chinatrust Commercial Bank.

    The company's independently designed and developed mobile application software, the Win-Win Financial Management app, is a well-known integrated mobile Internet financial management platform.The platform is positioned as a financial management product information matching service for filtering for the general public and meeting the needs of the different risk appetites of investors (including but not limited to financial management products from monetary funds and other financial institutions). It provides intermediary financial information services for financiers, investors and the entities distributing financial managementproducts, assisting all parties to effectively match investment and financing transaction information.By end-2016, cumulative transactions on the platform exceeded CNY 15 billion.

    The Win-Win Financial Management platform does not set up fund pools; all transaction funds are overseen by banks, and the platform provides no guarantees to any parties to a transaction.

    The founder and core management team has been drawn from senior Alipay management, financial, investment and risk management institutions, and the team's capabilities and wealth of experience in Internet and finance has led to the company being called the Alibaba Group of Internet finance world in Zhejiang by Zhang Hongming, Mayor of Hangzhou.

  • Hangzhou Rongdu Science &

    Hangzhou Rongdu Science & Technology Corp., Ltd. (Stock Code: 833102) was established in June 2012. It is the leading Internet financial system solutions service provider in China. Rongdu’s headquarter is in Hangzhou with various branches in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi’an. As an internet finance solution provider, Rongdu commits to its vision of “Technology stimulates innovation that makes finance easier”. Nationwide, Rongdu has established business partnership with over 1000 well-known corporations such as Ant Financial, Ali Cloud, China Everbright Group, Sunshine Insurance, Utrust, Agriculture Bank of China, Haier Group and so on. In the last several years, Rongdu was awarded “Excellent financial service provider of Zhejiang”, “Core innovative technology company of Zhejiang”, “Best internet finance software provider”, “National High-tech Enterprise” and so on. In April 2015, Rongdu received strategic investment from public listed company Hundsun Technologies. In August 2015, Rongdu became the first internet financial system company that went public and was listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations.

    Rongdu provides overall internet finance solutions which completely covers transaction, payment, risk assessment and other essential business aspects. With competitive product lines that include “Internet financial asset transaction system”, “Bank depository system”, “Internet based loan system”, “Internet based small loan system”, “Internet crowd funding system”, “Information disclosure system”, “Bill management system”, “Factoring system” and customerized solutions such as “Consumer finance solutions”, “Supply chain finance solutions”, “Finance O2O solutions”. Rongdu is able to assist clients to establish a safe, complete and efficient internet financial system. Meanwhile, Rongdu Cloud (Road) and Dasheng Data(DSD), the customerized products that Rongdu developed for financial institutions relying on internet, big data, cloud computing and AI,provide one-stop financial system solutions and intelligent risk management solutions.

  • Hangzhou Tongdun Technology Co

    Tongdun Technology is an Internet risk control and anti-fraud service supplier in China with the highest business value.

    Since inception, we have been following the “Cross Industry Joint Defense” concept to provide risk control and anti-fraud solutions based on big data analysis. Our customers cover industries including internet finance, banking, insurance, E-commerce, O2O, third-party payment, social network portals, game and entertainment and many others.

    As leader in the industry, we hope to dig deep into the Internet risk control and anti-fraud field through continuous technology innovation and become a third-party service supplier trusted by customers. In just a few years, we have developed ourselves as the fastest growing company in the industry. More than 5 thousand customers have chosen our products and services. While being trusted by customers, we are also favored by top domestic and overseas venture investment institutions with our big data enterprise service supplier positioning. So far, we have received tens of million US dollars in three rounds of financing and various honors such as one of Red Herring Global Top 100, Forbes China “Fintech 50” …etc.

    The co-founders of Tongdun Technology are from top Internet companies such as Alibaba, PayPal, ThreatMetrix and SAS and have rich anti-fraud and risk control experience. With the founders as the core, we have established the most professional service team in the Internet risk control and anti-fraud field. Eighty percent of our staff members are experienced risk control experts and data engineers all possess professional skills in big data processing, internet fraud analysis, machine learning, ID identification, trusted computing and many other expertise area, being able to take precaution for customers through preventive actions against different fraud activities.

  • Hangzhou Tongmi Internet Finan

    TZG ( is operated by Hangzhou Tongmi Internet Finance Service Co., Ltd., aiming to provide an online debit and credit intermediate platform for investment and financing between debtor and investor. As the shareholder is Jolywood (Stock Code: 300393), it is invested by Zheyin Juxin subordinated to Zheyin Capital, a famous domestic industry fund. Furthermore, it is also the member of 1st session unit of Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance and Hangzhou Internet Finance Association.

    TZG is dedicated to provide investment users, individual consumers, self-employed and small and micro business with online debit and credit intermediate information services. The investment and financing projects provided is safe, reliable, true, transparent, convenient and premium, including consumer finance,vehicle’s mortgage finance,the development of supply chain finance ( cross-border e-commerce finance, agricultural finance) etc., thus to satisfy diversified asset allocation demand of investment users.

    At present, TZG has obtained the business certificate of value-added telecommunications service (i.e. ICP and EDI license) and has been connected to the Information Publicity System of Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance. In the future, TZG will keep on developing according to compliance and legitimate operation principle. Strictly abiding by relevant supervision ordinances, we will continue to improve user experience and provide users with better and safer investment and financing information services through internet technology tools.

  • Hangzhou Xinhehui Internet Fin

    Xinhehui ( is currently China’s largest professional short-term financial management platform. Supported by parent company Uni-Power Group’s decade of experience in corporate financial services, the company focuses on high quality bridge transfer assets, with industry-leading short-term financial product development capabilities, an outstanding ability to supervise the big picture and strong internet marketing capabilities, realizing scalable production of high quality bridge transfer assets, providing the wider audience of investors with short-term, safe, flexible financial products, realizing value-add for wealth.

    Since coming online in 2013, Xinhehui’s total transactions have exceeded RMB 85,000,000,000, with a cumulative user base of almost 6,000,000 people. Xinhehui is a primary member of the National Internet Finance Association of China, a member of the Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance and the executive vice-president of Hangzhou Internet FinancingIndustry Association, as well as becoming the first platform in Zhejiang to obtain an ICP license, and with all 3 certificates obtained, the bank deposit platform formally made in September 2016, the platform was officially launched in December. Currently, Xinhehui is the industry leader in information disclosure, accessing both Zhejiang Association of Internet Financeinformation disclosure platform and National Internet Finance Risk Analysis Technology platform.

  • Zhejiang Zhonglian Online Asse

    Huanghe Finance ( is the internet finance services platform invested in and operated by the listed company Wanjia Wenhua (stock code: 6005746). Huanghe Finance is committed to the integration of advantageous resources and the joining together with professional asset management agencies, using internet finance innovation for the development of financial inclusion. The company upholds the concept of ‘safety first, customer first’, providing investors with low risk, high efficiency financial products to realise the protection and increase of value in user assets; for SMEs the company provides even more convenient financing channels, reducing the cost of finance, striving to become a leading internet financial information service platform within the state-sponsored multi-level financial system.

    Through forming strategic alliances with financial and quasi-financial organisations, selecting low-risk, cost-effective financial products through a rigorous and scientific risk-control system, and through reducing the threshold to finance through internet innovation, Huanghe Finance realizes value protection and creation for user assets, so that investors can enjoy high reward from a small investment. Through the use of internet crowdfunding, Huanghe Finance can rapidly help SMEs solve financing needs, providing support and help for the real economy so that enterprises can realise they fullest extent of their dreams, through the raising of a small amount of money.

Member unit
  • Chinvest Investment Management

    Chinvest Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established on 8 May 2015, with registered capital of CNY 50 million, and is a nationwide investment management company headquartered in the centre of Hangzhou City, in Zhejiang Province.The company's investment and financing platform is a P2P platform focused on the elite middle-class personal credit loan market.

  • Zhejiang Online News Website L

    Zhejiang Online is a local key news website identified by the State Council Information Office; the only provincial key news site and comprehensive portal of Zhejiang Province; the official website of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government; the new media division of Zhejiang Daily Newspaper Group.

  • Zhejiang Wu Lian Law Firm

    Zhejiang Wu Lian Law Firm was established in 2000 and is a comprehensive partnership law firm integrated from seven law firms in Hangzhou. Wu Lian has more than 80 practicing lawyers and more than 20 apprentice lawyers. More than 35 lawyers of Wu Lian are with medium-and-senior-grade professional titles; More than 30 lawyers have postgraduate or double bachelor degrees. Wu Lian is one of the large-scale law firms that with comprehensive strength in Zhejiang Province.

  • Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Ba

    Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank is a commercial bank dedicated to providing financial services to small and micro-enterprises, and was established in 1993. It currently employs more than 6000 people, operates more than 200 branches, and provide services across the Yangtze River Delta including Zhejiang, Shanghai and Suzhou. Since its establishment, Tailong Bank has continued to focus on its services to small and micro-enterprises, and has worked to explore credit services and risk management technologies for small enterprises, resulting in its characteristic way of serving small enterprises. The bank provides a Chinese style answer to the internationally familiar "Macmillan gap" difficulty which small enterprises face in obtaining financing, which can be summarised by the Three Lows of small enterprise financing: Low access to capital information before the event, low capital management during the event, and low capital default penalties after the event.

  • Zhejiang Numbull Financial Inf
    Introduction is an Internet Finance platform developed by Zhejiang Numbull Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. (Numbull Finance), under its Internet Financing Platform. The Numbull Financial has been identified as a state-level High-tech enterprises, also the listed company of ENJOYOR strategic investment enterprises.

    According to relevant regulations and “investors appropriate management measures” for qualified investors to provide internet financing information service. We only as information intermediary, do not set up proprietary business, in accordance with the relevant provisions of national regulatory authorities, committed to individuals and enterprises to provide safe, efficient, customized financial information intermediary services. is committed to qualified institutions and individual investment and provide financial information intermediary services. already on the line of Beijing Bank Management system in November 2016, is one of the earliest on-line bank storage management platform. The Platform has obtained ICP Business license. In order to ensure the network security and system stability, the platform through the level three authentication of information security level protection. And also passed the ISO9001 and ISO27001 system certification. does not have the fund pool, also does not provide the investment principal and the income guarantee to the invertor. developed a rigorous asset on-line risk audit standards, select the consignment of compliance licensing agencies assets. The assets are issued by the independent third party law firm. The transaction data are saved by the independent third party electronic data security platform“BAOQUAN.COM”, and are connected with the “Chain Forensic Science Center in Zhejiang”. Based on the characteristics of the “block chain preservation” of, the organizations such as Chain Forensic Science Center agree to issue “Forensic authentication certificate” for users.

    According to the “on the promotion of internet financial healthy development guidance” and regulations of the basic spirt of practice. With the four transparency principle of “transparent information, transparent project, transparent capital and risk transparency”, the company provide quality Internet Asset Management services to qualified investors looking for robust security through advanced Internet technology. actively reflects the spirit of central government’s crowd innovation and Zhejiang's innovative financial reform, and wholeheartedly embraces legal compliance with the CBRC's supervision of the industry, as a transparent and efficient “information intermediary” for Internet asset management. "Working to develop the people's livelihood, commitment to financial innovation, servicing the real economy, resolving issues and inclusive finance" are the company's crucial mission.

  • The Zhejiang RenZhong financia

    The Zhejiang RenZhong financial services Limited by Share Ltd was founded in April 2013(hereinafter referred to as RenZhong financial services). RenZhong achieves many glories such as one of the earliest founded Internet Financial Enterprises of Zhejiang、Top 100 Internet Financial Enterprises of China、vice-chairman of Enterprise Financial Association、membership of Zhejiang Internet Financial Federation and membership of Hangzhou Internet Financial Association. RenZhong financial services was invested fifty million yuan by liyuan venture capital shares co, Ltd on January 2017.

       RenZhong has became one of the comprehensive and integrated network loan platforms when having approved ICP licence and through the level three safety put on the file by the Ministry of Public Security to supervise the manufacture of information safety grade protection at 2016、 finishing the fund deposit management’s abutment, and on-line the Third party electronic certificate.

      By the end of December 31, 2017, RenZhong has 12 billion and 156 million’s volume of transaction, 107 million and 470 thousand’s registrations, 131 thousand and 256’s invested people, has earning 307 thousand yuan’s proceeds. At November 2017, RenZhong’s Volume of transaction broke through 10 billion yuan. The users spread all over the China, covering 23 provinces, 4 municipalities directly under the central government and 5 autonomous regions, especially Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and other regions.

      RenZhong accurate positioning of industrial Internet finance, deep culture the supply chain finance and consumer finance, The original space stereoscopic risk management system by focusing on the financial risk management of supply chain, Access to the core enterprise business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow of four data for the control of the cross by cutting into the supply chain trading link. The system monitor the management of during the loan and after the loan by the strictly "1+4" bank standard pre loan risk management. In order to stopping the risk at the source, realizing the intelligent dynamic risk management of the whole process by combination of transaction scenarios, large data, block chain and financial innovation.

      In order to applying to the risk management of consumer finance and meeting the requirements of all kinds of consumer finance, RenZhong created the multidimensional dynamic risk management system to combine the application scene and Internet Financial large data, covering anti fraud, transaction scenarios, personal behavior, and post monitoring strongly.

      By expanding the depth and breadth of the integration of financial capital and industrial economy, and to create a lasting、 robust and high income financial service for the users, RenZhong has built a harmony and sustained development industrial ecology of Internet Finance and enterprise、commodity and service supply chain to becoming a socialize inclusive finance platform.

  • Zhejiang Juyoucai Financial Se

    Zhejiang Juyoucai Financial Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd. is a Hangzhou-based start-up Internet Finance company which has established a secure, trustworthy Internet Finance platform on the principles of integrity, equality, openness and standardisation.Juyoucai adheres to a principle of financial services for the real economy, in order to provide small and micro-enterprises with access to convenient, professional financing services. Juyoucai adheres to a risk management concept which starts from the product itself, and it has introduced a range of innovative products in which risk is controlled, including margin financing and supply chain financing, in its efforts to become a wealth management industry player giving investors real peace of mind.

  • Zhejiang Jin Mai Sui Internet

    Diandian Soucai is the company's independently developed and operated Internet Finance mobile financial management integrated platform app, providing online financial management and investment services. First launched on 12 December 2014 in Apple stores, the app has already been operating for more than a Three and a half years, is now available in both Android and Apple mobile terminal versions, and can be downloaded from the shops of either platform.

    In March 2016, Diandian Soucai mobile terminal software had already been awarded five National Copyright Administration technology patents, confirming the company's rights to the Diandian Soucai mobile phone software, the Microsoft transaction version of the software, the customer services back-office management system software, the back-office data centre management system software and the Apple version of the mobile payment terminal software.

    Diandian Soucai with "let money become simple, make experience fun, make financial have feelings" for the idea, financial business of science and technology as the core, insist on technology for small micro enterprises and individuals to provide equal, transparent and efficient financial services.

  • Zhejiang Internet Financial As

    Zhejiang Internet Financial Asset Transaction Centre Co., Ltd., better known as Wangjinshe, is an Internet Finance assets transaction platform, in which China National Investment and Guaranty Corporation, Hang Seng Electronics, and Ant Financial are major shareholders.

    Wangjinshe is China's first government approved Internet financial asset transaction centre, and provides users with instalment capital management, regular floating income management, online financial asset pledge loans, Big Data credit loans, housing and automotive purchase loans and other financial services, and is working to become China's specialised Internet global asset allocation platform for high net-worth individuals, and a individual and corporate Internet financing platform.

  • BangSun Technology Co.,Ltd

    BangSun Technology was founded in 2010, specialized in real-time big data processing technology applied in financial security industry.

    BangSun independent intellectual property rights of Stream Cube is a world-leading innovation and a game changer in Financial Anti-Fraud, Real-time Risk Control, etc..

    BangSun provides Financial Business Real-time Risk Monitoring solution and service to clients in Banking, Issuance, Security,  Online payment, Internet financial, e-Commerce. Our products and solutions developed based on Stream Cube which earned financial industry reputation of Ultrahigh. 

    BangSun is dedicated to provide outstanding solution for financial risk supervision and has developed a set of high-performance solution of which main line is real-time financial risk monitoring products。Bangsun provides services to third - party payment, bank, foreign exchange, bond, fund and insurance etc.